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Try Our Backdrops, And Don't Pay For It​

In an effort to expand our business and showcase our backdrops, we decided to offer sample backdrops to our customers at no cost (you would only pay for shipping and packaging).

We genuinely believe that it is one of the best ways to present our backdrops and expand our community.

We ship you a backdrop that we made without charging you for it.

Instead of spending our marketing money on ads, we spend it on showcasing our product.

Once you try ZOOM Backdrops, you will soon come for more.

Stock is very low.

Used by hundreds of photographers from all around the globe

Our community of photographers consists of professionals in the photography industry who value the uniqueness and artistry of a hand-painted backdrop.


They are looking for visually striking backgrounds to enhance their work and stand out from the competition. They appreciate the ability to customize the designs to their specific needs and the character that hand-painted backdrops bring to their work.


They trust in the quality of our backdrops.

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Dear customers,

We are incredibly grateful for the overwhelming demand for our sample backdrops, but unfortunately, we are currently running low on canvas. The process of sourcing, sewing, and delivering the canvas is time-consuming and requires a significant investment of resources. As a result, we temporarily limit sales of our sample backdrops to ensure we have enough canvas to fulfill all orders.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding. We want to assure you that we are working diligently to secure new shipments of canvas and anticipate that it will take up to three months for the delivery. As soon as we receive the canvas, we will begin painting new sample backdrops to meet the demand.


In the meantime, we encourage you to check our website regularly for updates and to sign up for our newsletter to be notified when new sample backdrops are available. Thank you for being so patient and continued support.


Current sample backdrops will be available for ordering until we run out of stock. You can see available by scrolling down.

Ingot Gold Backdrop

The name that bears this backdrop is not similarly chosen. As the name suggests, it is a specific process of creating a backdrop, the process of which is different from any other we have done so far. Its appearance gives confidence and courage, and its rich color conquers the observer.​

Gold Color

Medium Texture

There are 2 samples available.

Burgundy Red Backdrop

Did you know that red is the first color people perceive, after black and white? This deep and dark shade of red is the result of red, blue and green. Burgundy red color symbolizes intensity and individuality, it is a symbol of nobility, vital energy and passion.​

Red Color

Medium Texture

There are 6 samples available.

Old Grey Backdrop

Gray became very popular in the 18th century, when it was worn by the rich and nobility. She was an indication of refinement and charm, combining strength and tenderness in one. Depending on the viewing angle, you can see in it the gentle blue of the sky or the eternal strength of the stone, which resists time and shows endurance and strength.​

Grey Color

Low Texture

There are 12 samples available.

Nordic Green Backdrop

In the rich deep forests of the Nordic region, where deep and picturesque greenery intersects, magic is created, just as this canvas represents, which is proud of all its beauty. It exudes the freshness and strength of evergreen forests, which will not go unnoticed in your photo.

Green Color

Low Texture

There are 4 samples available.

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We are trying to spread our backdrops worldwide so that every photographer can try our quality. Therefore we decided to spend all our marketing money on showing our products.

Your only expanse would be to cover packaging and shipping fees, which we broke down for you.

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