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Cobalt Blue

George Durzi Signature Edition


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George Durzi - Professional Photographer

George Durzi is a Dubai-based Jordanian photographer whose body of work includes portraits, headshots, and real estate photography.

In 2015 George’s life changed when he borrowed a Canon 550D from a friend to work on a video project. He had no idea that his first time handling a basic DSLR camera would ultimately uncover a hidden passion for an unexpected hobby.

Driven by the challenge of his newfound interest, George purchased his own camera and began experimenting with different modes and settings. He spent the next few years immersing himself into the intricate world of photography, learning the basics and mastering the details.

In October 2020, George opened a photography studio in Dubai, where he has worked with a myriad of actors, influencers, and many others in the Middle East entertainment industry.
Now recognized on a global scale, George has won several awards for his captivating images and is currently an ambassador for ZOOM Backdrops.

Best known for his professional coaching techniques, George helps his clients break their initial fear of the lens and learn how to be confident in front of the camera.

His best advice is: “Don’t let the camera mess with you. It’s just a tool. You should be messing with it instead.”

Matte Finish

Special matte finish eliminates unwanted shine and enables easy light manipulation and creative freedom.

Safe Storage Tube

All ZOOM Backdrops come with a hardened plastic tube which is perfect for safe storage and transportation.

High Density

The quality of our canvas reflects through the high density of the cotton - 450 grams per square meter.


You can easily iron your favorite ZOOM Backdrop to ensure that zero wrinkles get in your way.

Award Winning Portraits

Many photographers have won multiple prestigious rewards for their portraits in which they used ZOOM Backdrops.

Frequently Asked Questions

The backdrops can be rolled up and stored in any part of your studio, but if you want it to be extra safe, you can always use the high-quality hardened plastic tube that comes with every ZOOM Backdrop. It is perfect for safe storage and transport and your backdrop can be sealed away with rubber caps from any external effects that may cause damage.

The backdrop can be easily ironed in 2 ways: the first option is to iron the backside of the backdrop, and the second is to put a piece of thicker cloth between your iron and the backdrop, and iron the front side.

In case a part of your ZOOM Backdrop gets dirty for whatever reason, you can take a piece of wet cloth and lightly clean the dirty stain. Let the spot dry for a couple of minutes and you're good to go!

When painting, we use a special matte finish for our backdrops which eliminates any unwanted shine and enables easy light manipulation, giving you all the creative freedom you need when using ZOOM in your art!

To make the best backdrops, we only use the best materials and experienced craftsmanship.
We paint on the finest Italian cotton canvas which has an extremely high density - 450 grams per one square meter. The painting process happens while the cotton canvas is wet, which allows us to achieve exactly the look that is required while using just enough paint and keeping the backdrop very light, and as such, as tolerant to different movements as possible. As far as the actual paint goes, we use a premium mixture of the highest quality paint obtainable and a special elasticity catalyst. This mixture ensures the maximum flexibility of your favorite backdrop!

ZOOM Backdrop is available worldwide! We are fortunate enough to say that our backdrops can be found in studios in over 40 countries across 6 continents!

They Said About Our Backdrops...

I really like the background of zoom backdrops. At the beginning of the year I bought my first 2 backgrounds for testing. And I was totally satisfied. Fast delivery and, above all, really great support. That's why I ordered more and I really enjoy working with them. Special requests are possible and will be implemented quickly. So you can have exactly what you need.

Tobias Fröhner


Our small size backdrops are such high quality drops, and so incredibly easy to handle. They come with me everywhere I photograph my clients! :) High quality products with very friendly and passionate exchanges from their representative made me decide to trust them for our business. :) Thanks guys for your amazing work!

Kenji Shimizu


I’m so impressed with the quality and tones of my backdrops. I’ve used them now several times and they add so much great texture to my images. The overall feel of my photos is much stronger. The service was super quick and efficient, all delivered on time. I would highly recommend ZOOM Backdrops and I will definitely return for more.

Eneka Stewart


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