15 Portrait Photography Inspirations That You Will Love

Artists are in constant need of inspiration to improve and innovate their craft. In this blog, we compiled 15 inspirations for shoots you are maybe yet to try out. Hopefully, you will find some exciting suggestions, utilize them and make them your own!

Ph: Kenji Shimizu

1. Try Something Classic and Elegant

If you are unsure how to break away from your general shooting style, try to go back to basics. Try going for a classic and timeless look, with outfits that bring elegance and poses that offer character.

2. Place a Pet Near You

Animals are naturally photogenic, so try bringing them onto your set! They will add energy to the photo and evoke some great and joyful memories in your audience. Besides, everyone can behave more naturally in front of a camera with a pet partner in crime by their side!

Ph: George Durzi

3. Take a Portrait Series

Pick a theme and execute it throughout a portrait series! It is a unique opportunity to tell a person’s life story or describe and portray different professions like our dear friend Jonas did below!

Ph: Jonas Hall

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4. Add Dynamics

Movement can be an extraordinary addition to your portraiture. It introduces uniqueness and enables a lot of space for experimenting. The dynamics of your portraits will be changed forever!

Ph: Viktor Andersson

Ph: Therese Asplund & Molly Condit

5. Incorporate Props

Unusual requisites can be a crucial part of a successful portrait photo. It can be an object your subjects associate themselves with or something you personally want to add to offer more meaning and context to your art.

6. Capture emotion

One of the most meaningful things you can portray in a portrait is the subject’s emotion. It transcends all known limits of expression and tells a story in just one captured moment, making your work breathtaking.

Ph: Veerle Scheppers & Jessica Wikström

7. Distance The Subject From The Backdrop

The traditional way of shooting with hand-painted backdrops involves putting the backdrop(s) relatively close behind the subjects. However, to create a refreshing theme, try to put some distance between the person and the backdrop – it may require some extra space, but it will be worth it!

Ph: Ofir Abramov

8. Use Various Colors of Light

Fun portraits can be shot even with the help of ordinary things. Color gels, for example, are frequently used by photographers to achieve memorable and jaw-dropping photos!

Ph: Ofir Abramov

9. The Parental Love

What is more genuine than the parent’s unconditional love for their child? Show the devotion, kindness, and affection that your audience will be able to relate and sympathize with!

Ph: @thedeuxlens & Jacqueline Soffer & Yolanda Kingdon & Jessica Wikström

Ph: Jessica Wikström & Maaike Faas

10. Capture the Brothers’ and Sisters’ Love

Photoshooting with siblings can be very productive since kids are naturally creative and outgoing. Capture their love for each other, and you’ll end up with some great, substantial portraits!

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11. Experiment with Blur

Are you feeling stuck in the same old circle of executing portraits in the same manner? Try experimenting with a blur! It doesn’t require much except a bit of your time and effort! The results will surely be one of a kind!

Ph: Pierre-Edouard Saillard

12. Play with Light, shapes and shadows

Another interesting idea might be to manipulate the light with different shapes and create unique looking shadows/beams of light. Taking advantage of this will put your portrait in a whole another league of intrigue and creativity!

Ph: Tobias Fröhner

Ph: Kyrani Kanavaros & Stéphane Audran

13. Show a Persons' Hobby

Let the person your shooting express one crucial sphere of their life – their favorite hobby! It’ll make for an interesting set-up and let your audience connect with them on a personal level.

14. Shoot Outside of The Box

Using the same set-up for the background can become a bit repetitive. With just a tiny adjustment of moving the backdrop a bit further back and capturing it whole, you’ll have a creative portrait on your hands!

Ph: Urs Recher & Michiel Fischer

Ph: Kenji Shimizu & Jessica Wikström

15. Try Backdrop Layering

If your portraiture enjoys the company of a hand-painted backdrop regularly, this idea will spark your creativity! Utilize complementary colors to create a multiple-layered setting to elevate your work!

See How Your Ideal Backdrop Look For The Last Time

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