Improve your portraits by using earth tones – color harmony in background as your best friend

Color harmony is undeniably an essential part of most photography work, especially portraits! Constructing a complementary palette of colors in your portrait requires skill, planning ahead, and experimentation during the shoot. It’s not always the most straightforward job and can sometimes even be frustrating, but when done correctly, it can singlehandedly elevate the quality of work to a whole new level.

Photo: Veronika Maruqes

When talking about color theory in portraits, the backdrop can make all the difference in the world. Its tones are in crucial interaction with the photographed subject and other objects in the frame, making an excellent hand-painted backdrop your best friend in this process if chosen correctly!

If we talk about a particular group of colors that have proven themselves among our customers, it would need to be the earth tones such as beige, brown, and cream. Countless testimonials led us to conclude that these colors match amazingly with all skin tones, making them incredibly versatile!

The studies have shown that earth tones are usually considered friendly, contemporary, and inviting. Their muted tonalities make them widely regarded as more appealing and functional than some other colors. They tend to evoke warm, settling, and encouraging emotions in the eyes of the observer, making them an outstanding element that can create a unique connection through portrait photography.

After all, backdrops should adapt to the person’s vision behind the lens – which can be shown through the difference that light manipulation makes in the instance of our Champagne Beige backdrop! The same backdrop has been used in both portraits, but the photographers had their own creative way of utilizing the potential beige color brings. Eventually, the color blended in perfectly with the rest of the composition, making for two remarkable portraits.

Photo: Maryn Hartel, Rui Noir

Earth tones are also very well suited for layering! Working closely with several fine-art maternity photographers allowed us to experiment with different brown, cream, and sandy tones – and after doing so, we created some spectacular color combinations for our backdrop bundles!   First of which is our bundle by Veronika Marques, featuring 2 backdrops in different sizes. The bigger one is dark brown, with the second in cream color with a yellow undertone. Both have a medium, almost suede-like texture. Even tho the bundle is intended as a layering composition, both backdrops offer a diversified value as individual pieces!

Photo: Veronika Maruqes

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