Crafted with photographers ideas

Collection No. 1

Inspired by the incredible work of our photographers, crafted by seasoned artists with the utmost passion. ZOOM Presents: Collection No 1. – Origins. 

Our very first collection release presents some of the most anticipated, requested, and favored designs by our respected clients. Diversified and versatile, this selection looks to cater to your refined taste for artistic backdrops while providing all the quality benefits of the ZOOM brand.

Inspired by the wines of France

Burgundy Red

Created primarily for maternity and fine art photographers, this design will bring modernity to your collection of backdrops, maintaining the artistic feeling of the color burgundy.

starts from 250€ inc. shipping

Inspired by streets of New York​

Concrete Grey​

Perhaps the most versatile look in this line-up. Medium grey tones mixed with a unique texture inspired by the greatest city on Earth strive to be your next ticket to a perfect portrait.

starts from 250€ inc. shipping

Inspired by the bright sky

Baby Blue​

This Baby Blue backdrop is a fantastic option if you’re considering adding a pastel color to your collection. The texture that resembles painting strokes is excellent if you’re looking to achieve that artistic atmosphere.

starts from 250€ inc. shipping

Inspired by the mud bathing of New Zealand​

Mud Brown

Inspired by the colors of the Earth, this mud brown backdrop makes for an essential piece of the neutral tones in your backdrop collection. Its harsh yet coherent texture will bring versatility to your art.

starts from 250€ inc. shipping

Inspired by the stars above Ireland

Sparkly Blue

A distinctive look made for those with a particular taste. To achieve it, the texture is crafted with the most delicate attention to detail. If you were looking for one of a kind backdrop – this is it.

starts from 250€ inc. shipping


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Inspired by France's very own

Champagne Beige

Taking inspiration from France’s finest drink, this color resembles uniqueness and tastefulness. Designed to beat the challenge of time by bringing a timeless yet fresh look to our backdrop.

starts from 175€ inc. shipping

Inspired by the Nordic Lights

Abstract Blue

One of the most popular designs we ever had an opportunity to paint. It’s looks give that statement credibility. The collision of the blues on a beautiful textured backdrop – what’s there not to love?

starts from 250€ inc. shipping