The story of ZOOM Backdrops

The story of ZOOM Backdrops creation begins long before the actual idea for starting a business came. Founder of ZOOM Backdrops, Saša J. Grahovac, was an amateur photographer who was taking photos for a hobby. He was catching his first shoots in the late 80s and early 90s when he was a teenager. His passion for photography as a form of art dates back to those times. Saša continued taking photos throughout his life whenever he could. On every small family reunion, he was the guy behind the camera. His hobbyist career goes that far that he actually purchased matte vinyl photography backdrop. After that, his passion for photography rapidly escalated and Saša began looking for more professional photography equipment.

By that time hand painted canvas backdrops were available only for renting with price tags which could only professional photography companies afford. Soon after new companies emerged with the idea of creating hand painted canvas backdrops for the prices as little as renting fees for one day. Saša continued with his hobby and not long after he discovered companies that were selling hand-painted canvas backdrops for low prices. It didn’t take him a long time to purchase one of these hand-painted canvas backdrops soon after. He bought a grey, medium textured backdrop from one of the companies that sold them. Saša said that having hand painted backdrop was a wondrous thing because he was convinced that his one was unique and that no one else in the world has the same one as he does.

As he was getting into social media, Saša started following other portrait photographers and started noticing that there was a good portion of them that use hand-painted canvas backdrops purchased from the same company that produced and sold him his one. How time went by, he realized that there is a large number of backdrops pretty similar to his one (identical color combinations, texture details like dots, lines, multiple shapes, etc.). At that moment the manufacturer of his hand-painted canvas backdrop was previously publicly accused of mass-producing backdrops with little to no, difference. The truth was that matte vinyl backdrop and hand painted canvas backdrops was uniques almost equally, for the price much higher for a hand-painted version.

The problem was that the manufacturer had no real competition on the market of hand-painted canvas backdrops and that hasn’t improved much over time. After a few weeks of research, Saša decided to paint his own truly unique backdrop. He purchased canvas from the local art store, a few buckets of paint, brushes, rollers, and primer. First attempts weren’t very productive. First backdrops had an absorption problem, colors were cracking all over.

Saša went to the University of Arts in Belgrade where one of his friends, Bojana Dabić was Professor of fine art. Bojana helped him to create a better primer layer and suggested one very crucial thing! Basically, her advice was that Saša should buy canvas from Italy. Bojana said that Italian canvas was better because of its characteristics. He immediately began searching for a canvas on the Italian market and after two weeks he finally ordered one hundred meters (smallest amount which could be ordered) of finest Italian unprimed canvas.

Upon shipment was received, Bojana helped Saša and painted his ideal backdrop. After a few attempts, they finally made a backdrop that will be the foundation for creating ZOOM Backdrops, and that is the time when the idea for starting a business emerged!

We believe that every photographer in the world has the right to be the owner of his truly unique hand painted canvas backdrop and that’s why we started ZOOM Backdrops!

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