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Are ZOOM Backdrops the right choice for you?

Skilled artisans craft our most prestigious hand-painted backdrops for an incredible and unique visual experience. Perfect for photography, film, theater, and events. Durable and easy to install. Elevate your work with one of our hand-painted backdrops.

A unique matte finish eliminates unwanted shine and enables easy light manipulation and creative freedom.

We are firm believers that quality builds long-lasting relationships. That's why our backdrops are the way they are.

We provide 100 years guarantee on durability and flexibility of our backdrops. Most superior quality ensures that.

new backdrops constantly added

Do you know how you would like your backdrops to look?

Our hand-painted backdrops are created by skilled artisans using traditional painting techniques. Each backdrop is carefully crafted by hand, using high-quality paint and canvas. The process includes sketching the design, applying primer, and layering the paint to create depth and dimension. The final product is a one-of-a-kind piece of art that will make a lasting impression.

Whenever you have an idea for a design or photo of the backdrop you would like painted, our artisans focus on delivering the perfect backdrop, recreating the photo you sent, or creating a design you’ve imagined.

whichever design you want

previusly ordered designs

Used by hundreds of photographers from all around the globe

Our community of photographers consists of professionals in the photography industry who value the uniqueness and artistry of a hand-painted backdrop.

They are looking for visually striking backgrounds to enhance their work and stand out from the competition. They appreciate the ability to customize the designs to their specific needs and the character that hand-painted backdrops bring to their work.

They trust in the quality of our backdrops.

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Veronika marques

Veronika marques

Veronika marques

Veronika marques

I really LOVE ZOOM Backdrops! I really LOVE ZOOM Backdrops! I really LOVE ZOOM Backdrops! 

Nemanja Grahovac


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